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Big Rig and Medium Duty Truck Tuning

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Want to Know More About Deletes?

Deletes are one of the most common forms of tuning for modern diesel engines. The basic idea behind them is that when certain parts in the engine are causing problems for the driver, the truck’s engine control module or ECM is reprogrammed in order to make it possible to remove that part, or, simply to shut it off so that it no longer registers fault codes. Deletes typically are applied to emission control parts such as the EGR, DPF and SCR but can also be applied to VGT turbo’s which can undergo a significant amount of corrosion after years of use causing their veins resulting in engine starvation at higher speeds.
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About Our Programming

All Krazy On Highways tunes are developed in house by our team of engineers and are put through hundreds of hours of testing prior to being made public. Our tunes are custom, non-generic type tunes unlike those you will find through many of our competitors. This means that rather than throwing a random flash file into your ECM, we personally go through your engine’s original settings and reprogram them to deliver the performance that you are paying for.

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